Virtual Field Trips

My Beautiful America
A beautiful picture slide show that takes you through all 50 states of our country.

Our U.S. Presidents
Learn interesting facts about each U.S. president.

The First Thanksgiving: Tour the Mayflower
The Mayflower was no cruise ship. In fact, she wasn't built for passengers at all. Take a look around the merchant vessel that brought 102 Pilgrims to America.

National Geographic: Forces of Nature
Discover some of Earth’s most magnificent patterns and displays with landscape photos capturing spectacular sand dunes, rock formations, birch forests, and more.

Scholastic Flashlight Readers
Play cool games and activities that take you into your favorite books. Get exclusive author info, including photos, audio, and notes from the authors themselves.

Explore Mars Now
Explore an evolving design of a Mars habitat based on current concepts of engineers and designers. As you walk through the simulation, discover the science, technology and hazards of the near future of a near future mission to the red planet.

Scholastic Study Jams
Over 200 jams on topics like the universe, land forms, photosynthesis, or equations. Each jam includes information on the topic along with interactive pictures.

Endangered Ecosystems
Explore endangered ecosystems found throughout the world.

Discovery Student Adventures
Discovery Student Adventures grants you exclusive access to the world's most amazing places. You'll experience iconic landmarks, awe-inspiring landscapes, and unique cultures. The journeys capture the excitement and adventurous spirit of Discovery as you go behind the scenes and visit places few tourists see.

An interactive science website that provides free, educational online games focused on science, math, and critical thinking.

Ellis Island Tour
Learn about the history of Ellis Island through videos, timelines, and images.

Railroad Connections
Learn about trains and how they link to your National Parks.

Web Rangers
This is the National Park Service's online Junior Ranger program for kids of all ages. If you love your National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites, this site is for you. With more than 50 games to learn more about your National Parks.

Tinker Ball
How many different ways can you help the ball reach its goal? Explore the assortment of objects to create your own paths, learning as you go.

Way Back: Exploring the Gold Rush
Meet a Gold Rush expert, get to know people affected by the Gold Rush, and much more!

Virtual Glass Blowing
Watch live glass blowing demonstrations.

Virtual Mathematics
Test your math skills with these interactive manipulatives.

Explore the Sea and Sky
Explore various parts of the sea and sky through this interactive site.

Do you love science? This site has science adventures galore!

Build Your Own Roller Coaster
Create your own coaster and watch the Fear-o-Meter to decide if this thrill ride would be a hit.

Biomes of the World
Explore the different biomes found throughout our world. Learn about where they are located and the plants and animals that live there.

Engineering the Future
Learn about the types of forces that act upon structures. Then design a skyscraper by choosing various construction options and see how your choices affect cost and overall resistance to common forces.

Savings Quest: A Game About Money
The game that tests your ability to save for the things you want while paying for all the things you need. Choose a job and work to earn your money while reaching your savings goal.

Lure of the Labyrinth
In this digital game, use your pre-algebra skills and work your way through puzzles to find your lost pet - and save the world from monsters!

Explore George Washington's House
The Mount Vernon Mansion Tour: George Washington's entire adulthood is reflected in these rooms. By looking carefully at the furnishings and decorative features, you can find clues to Washington's character, tastes, and accomplishments.

Monster Fish of the Congo River
The Congo River holds some of the most unique - and often strange - fish species. What fish will you find?

Air Force One
Get an inside look at the Presidential plane, Air Force One.

Journey to the Edge
Do you ever wonder what's beyond the starry sky? See it yourself and take a breathtaking tour of the cosmos.

Great White Odyssey
Go inside a Great White Shark and find out what makes this such a formidable predator.

Egypt in 3-D
Explore panoramic views of a variety of locations in Egypt.

Virtual Volcano
Learn about the the different types of volcanoes and take a look at the inside. Then build your own volcano and watch it erupt.

Discovery Channel: Extreme Tornadoes
Create your own tornado and see what happens. Find out what goes into the making of a tornado and witness the fleeting life of a tornado in a series of images taken in Oklahoma in 1981.

Agriculture Simulation
Explore a village to find out where our food comes from, how and where it grows, and compare life in 1845 with our modern world. Then produce your own movie with the Village Videomaker.

Architect Studio 3D
Design a house online, and then tour it in 3D!

Command the U-505
In the early years of World War II, German U-boat submarines controlled the Atlantic. They sank dozens of British and American cargo ships every month. But those glory days are over. The Americans have learned how to detect and destroy U-boats. Once the hunter, U-boats are now hunted. Today, you are the commander of the U-505.

Colonial Williamsburg Game
An immersive 3-D role playing game that places players in 1774 Williamsburg as one of four characters.

Wolf Quest
Can YOU survive the call of the wild? An interactive game that takes you through living in the wild.

Virtual White House Tour
Explore and learn about the different rooms of the White House.

Discovery: On Board the Titanic
Follow the path of an actual passenger who traveled on the Titanic. You won't know who you are or if you survive until the fateful night.

National Parks Service
Explore the natural, cultural, and historical resources of our national parks.

Everglades: National Wildlife Federation
Take a virtual tour of Florida's Everglades!

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Swim with a blue whale!

Castillo de San Marcos
The Castillo de San Marcos (kas TEE yoh DAY SAN MAR kohs) is the oldest European fort built of stone blocks in the United States. It is located in the town of St. Augustine, Florida. You can find out about stone-block forts, learn the history of the Castillo, then tour this piece of history by choosing one of the options.

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