Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact Ms. Martinak for more details.
Club Benefits
  • Events throughout the school year we will have parties and events.
  • Free stuff! Periodically, club members will receive free prizes as reading rewards!
  • Monthly drawings throughout the school year for free books!
Club Requirements
1. You must join the club by the sign-up deadline in October.
2. You must read and turn in at least ONE book account every month and meet “Bookmark” page requirements on or before “Bookmark” deadlines. If you are reading a book, but won't finish it by the end of the month - fill out the partial book form - that way you will stay current and in good standing with the club.
3. Books turned in must have been read between the first day of school and the end of May.
4. Pay the membership fee of $5.00.

***To participate in club events you must be a member-in-good-standing***
 No "incomplete" in any classes and a C or better in all classes
 Must be current on book entries and club checkpoints
 Must behave appropriately in the Media Center at all times

To enter your books:
1. Read a book
2. Fill out the book entry form

Bookmarks (reading goals):
There are “Bookmarks” set up throughout the school year.  These are goal deadlines that you must meet to be eligible for club privileges and to attend club events. 
If you miss a Bookmark you are still a club member, but your privileges will be suspended until the next Bookmark date, provided you attain the number of pages required for that date. Club members who miss two Bookmark dates will no longer be eligible for club membership benefits but you will still be a club member. 
If you are close to the Bookmark and are in the middle of a book, please fill out an “Almost Done” entry form.  These forms will be available on-line.
If you start reading a book and don’t plan to finish it, please fill out an “I didn’t want to finish this book” form. 
Remember to keep track of the homework reading, both in and out of class.  There are homework tracking forms online. All subjects count.
 Reading Requirements:
You must read and turn in one book each month and reach the bookmarks.
          *all pages read are cumulative – Ms. Martinak keeps track of entries.
Bookmarks and Reward Events for 2016/2017:
Bookmark:  December 5th - 300 pages
Reward Event: TBD
Bookmark:  February 6th (12:15-12:45 - after lunch) - 800 pages 
Reward Event:  Snacks, Prizes, Games!
Bookmark: April 17th - 1,300 pages
Reward Event: TBD
Bookmark:  May 22nd - 1,800 pages
Reward Event:  End of the year event! TBD