December Newsletter

Our Christmas party is Friday, December 22, from 1:45-2:30. The first grade teachers have decided not to do a gift exchange among the children and just do fun activities instead.

There is a recipe sheet included with the newsletter for a class cookbook. Please choose one of your favorite family homemade recipes to share with the class and have an adult write it. Please return the recipe to school by Monday, December 15. This is for a special Holiday surprise! J

In reading, students are learning about words with the long o and i sound. They are also working on the blends wh, ch, and tch. Students will also be learning about the contractions that have the n’t, ‘m, and ‘ll in them.

In math, students will be learning to use sticks and circles to represent a 2-digit number, adding a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number, adding tens and ones, and solving addition and subtraction story problems.

In science, we are learning about the differences between spiders and insects and how insects eat.


With the colder, wet weather it is helpful to put extra socks in your child’s backpack for the winter. We end up with a lot of wet feet and the nurse doesn’t have enough socks to replace everyone’s.


Happy Holidays

Mrs. Rice