The D-EVN Logo! School and Community!

The D-EVN logo is all about its purpose - to cover events from Dover-Eyota Schools and the Communities in the District it serves: Dover, Eyota and Viola.

D-EVN is starting "small". We are seeing what can be done and what can be maintained before taking on more events. The initial focus was in the Winter Sports season with Boys and Girls basketball. It was hoped that Wrestling could be covered, but there wasn't a volunteer crew to pull that off last year. Spring Sports was also a challenge. We hope to provide as much coverage as possible in 2016-2017, and to that end, another Community Member - The Eagles Foundation - provided D-EVN with a Grant that willallow D-EVN to provide a small stipend to our volunteers this year: $5 per game!

As D-EVN moves forward, and we are hopefully able to maintain the early fun and momentum of the 2015-2016 Winter Sports Season, community events are in the plans for the future. Events such as the Eyota Days Parade, the Viola Gopher Count Parade, City Council meetings and School Board meetings are all Community-themed events that D-EVN would like to make available in the future.

The D-EVN logo reflects exactly what D-EVN is and hopes to be - a community resource with influence from the School District that it originates from!

Hopefully you can help be a part of what D-EVN hopes to do now and in the future!