Dover-Eyota BYOD Purchasing Information and Links
9th Grade Families for the 2017-2018 School Year

We are looking forward to the implementation of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan at Dover-Eyota, beginning with the students that will be 9th graders for the 2017-2018 School Year.

General information along with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the answers to those questions are on this online PowerPoint: 

Families that wish to use the $100 discount voucher have a choice of 7 different laptops. One from MN Computers for Schools (MnCFS) which is a refurbished option,  as well as six new models through a special purchasing website from Best Buy. A list of those finalized laptop options and their basic details can be viewed on this document:

If You wish to purchase the refurbished laptop option from MnCFS
Please complete this online form: , and Bryan Berg will coordinate the order for you with MnCFS. A reminder that the purchase through MnCFS cannot be done online, and you will need to bring $75 (the cost of the laptop after the voucher has been applied) to the Dover-Eyota District Office as soon as you can so the order can be sent in. Checks should be made out to "Minnesota Computers for Schools"

For new laptop purchasing using the $100 Voucher on the special Best Buy website
An email should have been sent to the "Primary" contact for each student from Best Buy on Monday evening (July 31st). If an email from Best Buy hasn't been received by Monday, July 31st, please contact Bryan Berg (Dover-Eyota's Technology Director) at the email

The website that you must use to make the purchase is this one (this link was also included in the email that came from Best Buy): (note - use the link that you received in the email to register. Use this link to log in to the website after you have created your username and password with the registration process)

The email from Best Buy will contain your Voucher information, so that when you make your laptop selection and purchase on the specially made website, you can enter your voucher information during checkout to have $100 subtracted from the price.

Note that your voucher will only work by using the special Dover-Eyota Best Buy website. The voucher will not work in any store, nor on the "regular" Best Buy website.

For Free and Reduced Lunch Families
To receive the additional discount, please be sure to make your laptop purchase either through Best Buy or the MnCFS option, then complete this simple online form: . Todd Rowekamp will receive the information and coordinate the additional reimbursement..

Office365 sign-up and Software Info and download/installation links and instructions
Students can sign-up for their free Office365 accounts and get the information for additional free software that they can install on their family purchased laptops and then use for their projects at school (and personal projects as well) from this document: BYOD Software Links and installers
If you have any additional questions, please contact Dover-Eyota's Director of Technology, Bryan Berg, at

Thank you!